Tracking Your Leads

We believe in complete transparency throughout our entire lead generation process. That means at all times you will be able to track how many leads you have received through our services in real-time. Each phone call is recorded and a “Qualified” lead must stay on the line longer than 30 seconds so we discard the wrong numbers and sales calls.  In this way, you will be able get detailed information about your new potential customers and you will be able to evaluate exactly how well we are performing! By allowing people to contact you via phone, email, or text messaging, you can be sure you’ll always be able to assist potential customers while the lead is hot! There are many other benefits to lead tracking as well.

By tracking each lead, making notes on their conversation with the potential customers, and recording revenues for jobs performed, you’ll be able to learn a lot about your own business, determine best sales practices, identify “ideal customers”, compare the effectiveness of your different advertising sources, and accurately determine your return on investment.

What Can You Expect With Our Services?

  • Total Transparency – You can see, in real-time, the leads we have sent to your business. No more trying to back into numbers or estimating your return… with us, you know exactly what you’re getting, so your ROI is easily determined.
  • Exclusive Leads – Our leads go directly, and instantaneously to your company and no-one else. No more stale, old leads… no more waiting in line for your turn to submit a bid. With us, potential customers contact your company, and your company only based on your reserved territory!
  • Qualified Leads – When someone picks up the phone to contact you, they’ve done so after reading about your company on the website we built for you. If they’ve researched you, and then felt compelled to pick up the phone and call, you can rest assured they’re effectively pre-sold. Also, each lead is not “Qualified” unless the call is 30 seconds or longer.
  • Higher Ticket Prices – Our sites don’t scream, “WE’RE THE CHEAPEST IN TOWN… CALL US!” Instead, we try to convince potential customers that the company they’re about to call provides a superior level of service. Our leads are more likely to pay more for a better service, which means no more trying to compete with fly-by-night providers that can bid through the floor.
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