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Cloud computing service provides a way for businesses to manage processing resources online. Prior to the use of the cloud for application hosting, storage, analytics, backup, testing and development, business processes were tedious and time-consuming, and they involved many hours of manual labor and resources. Today, the cloud has enabled businesses to move at a faster pace; what took months to roll out can now be done in a matter of minutes, and it paved way for limitless opportunities in terms of growth and development. The cloud has empowered companies and provided opportunities to grow and reach a larger number of customers.

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Unlike your typical site directories that exist mainly to advertise their own services, we publish Cloud Service providers that are listed in the Better Business Bureau, carry liability insurance in excess of $1M, certified in Information Technology & Cyber Security.  But also, based on their workmanship and proven service to consumers like you. Rest assured that the consumer testimonials and reviews you will find on our site about various providers are guaranteed to be unbiased. We want you to make an informed decision about the team that you wish to hire so we stick to giving you the facts and purely honest information.

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