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How can we provide local businesses quality IT Support provided by certified IT Service providers, while simplifying a marketing strategy to help the carefully vetted IT business owners grow their business?

Those were the two questions that started it all for me. Rewind to 1987– my IT business begins with a few good clients who needed everything. But before I knew it, we needed to grow or get eaten alive by the superstores that were expanding in our area offering computer repair and onsite IT services by “unqualified” technicians.

The customers we worked so hard to build relationships with were attracted by lower priced computer systems. They quickly realized fast-food style IT Service provided at discount pricing ended up costing them twice as much in the long run. They found out promptly it’s not the actual cost of a service call that matters. In reality, the computer issues they needed fixed on the first visit were not getting resolved at all.

From an IT business growth perspective, around 1998 we had to deal with this new phenomenon called the Internet. Someone had to figure out website design so we had a presence in this new digital world.

Then of course it became more than just a website, as I realized we needed to find the right marketing that delivered the correct kind of new visitors or potential customers to our website. And I quickly discovered that this was an intricate and complicated part of growing a business.

I struggled to understand the differences betweenImpressions, Clicks, Audiences and the different ways that Internet marketing works and can be measured.

If you’ve ever tried Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, then you can relate to my frustrations and concern for return on investment.

I remember thinking I wished things were easier. That maybe, what if, I only had to pay for all of this Marketing stuff when my phone rings with an actual interested caller.

Ta-Da!!That’s it!

How about I create a system, a qualification process, that vets IT Support Service providers based on their BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating, certifications and actual customer reviews!

And what if I could help these Qualified / Certified IT organizations get new clients and only charge them a Pay Per Call rate?!

IT Intersection was born.

Well actually, I started Unique Advantage (a Video SEO and Digital Internet Marketing Agency) back then because I began by helping other local businesses in my area, but that same concept is still driving me today.

I have been working for over a decade, perfecting how to identify, convert and deliver new potential customers for my local business clients. I converted from tradition SEO fees that can range from $1500 to $2500 per month with the idea that me and my team can do it all in a easy to understand Pay Per Call model.

You see, I have a special place in my heart for delivering the best IT Services possible to local business while helping other brothers and sisters in the IT industry grow their business affordably.

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